Life and Business Coaching

Coaching for Life

How well we adapt to all the diverse personalities we encounter on a regular basis determines how we succeed in life and business.

Whether you are in your 20’s or 70’s, the body, mind, soul trilogy is a fragile balance that requires your periodic full attention. Think about some poor choices you have made so far in life.

Life’s Successes

Some say that one dies when one stops learning. Do you think that you will leave behind your legacy? Or do you feel like you are waiting for life to happen?

When we find ourselves stuck in a habit that affects our work, social interactions or our moods, it is time to act. After all, the mirror that shows us how we look is not the only tool for judging ourselves. Life coaching is a way to appraise the state of the mind and soul.

Coaching in Business

The business roles from Individual contributor to officer represent most types of corporate or small business structure. Where you fit into the structure influences business outcomes and your personal career goals. Do you match your role? Are your needs for feedback and reward met?

If you calculate the number of words exchanged daily, you will be shocked at the sum. How many of your encounters were pleasant or positive? Were any negative or irritating? How the conversations turned out is in the words spoken.

Business coaching and mentoring is not just for companies in distress. The service can also be a catalyst for business success and strength. New, small and individual companies need a boost to be noticed among all the competitors. Large corporations constantly adjust their product or service to meet innovation. Always keep in mind that the customer or end-user is the one who controls your success.

  • Are you looking for a way to become more effective in business? Or in private life?
  • Would you like to have a meaningful and balanced life?
  • Do you want to know how to be more productive?
  • Are you searching for life's purpose?
Then the life coaching might be for you!

Some resources to get you started

  • CoachVille : coach training, business coaching, ICF. The ultimate community resource for people who coach.
  • Inspired Living : tools to help people live a better life: educational, motivational and inspirational articles, stories and tidbits, products, resources, humor, a chat list, newsletter and more.
  • Free templates by Hloom : collection of free templates for business and personal use.
  • : a guide to information about Self - Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help

How long will it take?

Usually anywhere from 3 to 12 month but can be shorter or longer, depending on client's needs and desires.

How much will it cost?

This will depend on many factors but you can expect to pay around $200 - $400 per 30-minute session.

What will I need?

  • A phone: most coaching is done over a phone or Skype
  • Courage: to clear fog in your life you will need to be ready to uncover things you might not like about yourself.


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